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Loudo Featured in Modern Times Journal No. 26

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice, featured in Modern Times Journal no.26, editorial story 'Perfume & Dreams'

Modern Times Journal is a quarterly magazine from Austria undeniably devoted to luxury. With editor-in-chief Michaela Mahringer at the helm, each issue navigates a memorable voyage through the worlds of travel, gastronomy, classic motoring, style and other topics of interest to the discerning. Furthermore, it has proportionally more in-depth editorial devoted to niche luxury perfume than any other multi-topic title in the same magazine category.

We’re particularly delighted and rather flattered that our Loudo extrait de parfum has been included in a gorgeous editorial story entitled ‘Perfume & Dreams’ in the latest issue, No. 26. With a floral concept and fragrances selected by Michaela and shot by Philipp Mahringer, the result from the mother-and-son team is a beautifully lit story photographed in a way that draws us into the halcyon perfection of an Alma Tadema painting or Dutch 17th-century still life.

I truly adore her works of art and her untamed creative potential.” - Michaela Mahringer on Sarah Baker.

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice, floral concept and fragrance selected by Michaela, shot by: Philipp Mahringer

But, this is not the first time Michaela has included a Sarah Baker fragrance in a great shoot.

Michaela explains: “I was thinking hard when I first had a perfume by Sarah in my hands. Leopard and Lace were the bottles. We did a shoot with a Harley in 2017, the year I met Sarah together with Saskia (from the Institute of Art and Olfaction) in Florence.

"It was joyous and beautiful wandering around Pitti Fragrance (at the Palazzo Pitti), from one end of the fair to the other. We had a lovely talk and Sarah gave me samples of all her perfumes (at the time). I remember this precisely because everything Sarah does is perfect and extravagant to the smallest detail.

"The samples were stunning. Sarah too! Made a big impression on me. I truly adore her works of art and her untamed creative potential.

"We had Lace, the picture with the purple fog, in the 2017 Christmas issue.”

Summer florals and greenery in general is a bit of a leitmotif running through issue No.26. Loudo, like each of the top-tier fragrances featured in its own full-page spread, is photographed at the centre of a sensual, seductive floral vignette that leaves your nose veritably twitching at this eye candy that demands to be sniffed.

On a totally tangential note, there is yet another fantastic story in this issue called ‘Lucky Green’ (Grunes Gluck) that will appeal to lovers of magnificent gardens. Among the exquisite places featured are the Palazzo Borromeo on the Isola Bello on Lake Maggiore. It and its gardens, together with places such as Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam were the inspiration behind us creating Enlightenment Green, a signature colour for our S.Baker Collection inspired by freshness as a perfume concept such as in the traditions of eau de cologne.

Thank you Michaela—and Philipp—for capturing exactly what Loudo is all about. Fortunately for us, what happens in Florence doesn’t always stay in Florence. A million warmest wishes and congratulations on your latest issue. We're over the moon to be in it.


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