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Loudo and Symmetry Take the Top 2 Places in Eduardo's Best of 2021 Top 20

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice 'symmerty' by perfumer chris maurice top 2 places in My Scent Journey list of 2021 Eduardo Garcia de Alba

Eduardo Garcia de Alba is the fragrance reviewer based in Mexico City who is the face and opinion of My Scent Journey, his YouTube channel with more than 30 thousand subscribers throughout the Spanish-speaking world who check in frequently to view his discerning and energetic reviews.

We were greatly honoured—and frankly, rather flabbergasted—when he revealed his Top 20 Best Fragrances of 2021 selected across the broad spectrum of both niche and mainstream luxury fragrances and not one but two of the house’s juices made his Top 20.

Why flabbergasted? You may well ask. Surely having two fragrances on Eduardo’s best juices of 2021 list is a good thing. Yes, it most certainly is. But, we were flabbergasted not only because Loudo from our extrait de parfum SARAH BAKER Collection took top place, but that Symmetry from our S.BAKER eau de parfum collection came in in second place: we most certainly did not expect that.

Thank you so much, Eduardo. We’re thrilled and flattered that you rate our juices so highly, especially given the other showstoppers on your list. We’re also really appreciative that your reviews have brought our fragrances to the attention of many Spanish speakers who may not have previously been aware of them.

To see what Eduardo has to say about his choice of Loudo and Symmetry at number one and number two respectively, just click the video below. And, yes, in the grand tradition of the big reveal, you’ll need to watch right to the end. Oh, perhaps we should have flashed up a spoiler alert…


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