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Lauryn Beer Reviews Loudo for Ça Fleure Bon

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice, lauryn beer reviews 'loudo' for cafleurebon

We’re delighted that Lauryn Beer, Senior Editor of ÇaFleureBon, has turned her attention to Loudo, our newest extrait de parfum by nose Chris Maurice.

“The combination of oud and resin, each echoing the other, gives Loudo a complex woody-earthiness that is quite addictive.”

One of the things that is really notable about Lauryn’s review is that she entirely “gets” that at the core of this juice, we wanted to capture the contradictions of something very sophisticated and grown-up that nonetheless retains a childlike playfulness.

“Loudo is the Bond Street sophisticate who dresses in Prada and sips bellinis at The Court but who will jump happily into a big rain puddle on her way out, posh threads be damned.”

We are completely ecstatic with what Chris Maurice has pulled off. And it really is great to see that others recognise this too. Please read her full commentary here.

Thank you, Lauryn, for your insightful words and thank you once more, Chris, for such a fantastic juice.


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