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Lauryn Beer for ÇaFleureBon reviews 3 Sarah Bakers you should be wearing

Thanks to Senior Reviewer Lauryn Beer for the fantastic article on ÇaFleureBon: Sarah Baker Perfumes Flame & Fortune, Loudo and Gold Spot + The 3 You Should Be Wearing Giveaway.

Flame & Fortune puts you in a 40’s back alley at night where a jazz sax wails mournfully from a nearby club and danger and sex hang in the air like perfume. --Lauryn Beer

Lauryn's writing is fun and descriptive, and we highly recommend reading all of her descriptions about Flame & Fortune, Gold Spot, and Loudo. Also see below for more links to Lauryn's singular reviews published on ÇaFleureBon with the same 3 perfumes.

I absolutely adore Gold Spot: like Loudo, it has become one of my go-to cold weather perfumes. It is so delicious it makes me want to close my eyes and imagine I’m being fed butterscotch parfait on a golden spoon by Charles Boyer. --Lauryn Beer


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