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Justin Copeland's Winter Top 10

Justin Copeland is a fragrance reviewer and musician. We are thrilled to have been included in his top ten niche fragrances for winter, recently shared on his popular Youtube channel.

“I’ve been obsessed with this collection ever since I first heard about them… Good Lord, this fragrance is bold… It is very classic; it is very classy. It’s very sophisticated. It has this old-school, forties, fifties vibe to it… it’s powerful; borderline beast mode.”

Can you guess which fragrance it is? All is revealed in Justin’s Top 10 (ish) Winter Fragrances! (Niche) on Youtube. See what else he had to say about this juice and the others on his special list. It’s well worth taking a look, not least of all because you’ll also get a glimpse of Justin’s musical talent with his funky seasonal musical introduction.

Thank you, Justin, for thinking of us,

Sarah Baker Team


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