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Hot Off the Press

Denmore Press is a Scottish family-run business that started out producing high quality envelopes and stationery. But, with their astute technical skills, they have since expanded into specialist printing and the producing packaging for a diversity of brands and industries.

As a UK-based independent house, we were committed to having our new packaging produced locally by a British manufacturer and, from the options available, we chose Denmore Press. Their technical know-how and attention to detail when it comes to sustainable luxury paper products and packaging, something that runs in the company’s veins, is a strong reason we chose them to realise our design for the new Eau de Parfum Discovery Set showcasing the S.BAKER Collection.

Those who have already experienced the discovery set up-close-and-personal will understand what we mean when we say that it has a sensual, tactile finish, a result of the clever tricks executed by Denmore Press.

The compact “matchbox-style” box with a tray with an insert and special cardholder containing the information leaflet may look deceptively effortless, but the important word here is “deceptively”. To realise the design with precision, especially given its compact dimensions, is harder than it looks. We think that Denmore Press have done an excellent job for us.

It seems they might think so too since Denmore Press have selected the new packaging for the Eau de Parfum Discovery Set as a case study on the section of their site where they showcase their best work. We’re delighted to be included in the roster of their most laudable work and look forward to working with this excellent company again in the future.

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