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HavenLeeScents reviews the collection on #askdej

Earlier this month, in celebration of our perfumes being stocked at Luckyscent in the U.S., we offered the Get Lucky Giveaway to our Sarah Baker Perfumes VIP newsletter subscribers. Each winner was invited to pick a friend to receive a free Sarah Baker Discovery Set. We were delighted by the response and it was thrilling to announce our three Get Lucky friends: A'Dejha in USA, Kaitlin in USA, and Sefora in Italy.

sarah baker perfumes 'atlante' by perfumer sarah mccartney, 'leopard' by perfumer ashley eden kessler, 'lace' by perfumer sarah mccartney, 'greek keys' by perfumer ashley eden kessler, 'charade' by perfumer andreas wilhelm reviews by havenleescents

Better still, this giveaway introduced us to new friends, Break Haven, Charlotte, NC-based Gospel artist, and his friend, A'Dejha, owner of Beauty All Around (@beautyallaround19) which sells hand-crafted beauty products. Together, Braek Haven and Dej review fragrances on @HavenLeeScents – an amazing Insta follow with a companion YouTube dedicated to niche fragrance content, Ask Dej.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, we couldn’t believe it when Dej and Braek Haven reviewed our fragrances! Their reviews are really fun, and their energy is incredible. We are totally blown away and so very honored. We never could have imagined that we would be the lucky ones when we launched the Get Lucky giveaway.

“When I purchase fragrances—or at least a sample pack—I want to smell something that I've never smelled before and Sarah Baker has taken me on a journey—all eight times — of her eight fragrances…it’s like an album. She went eight for eight as far as uniqueness of the song. She didn't put an album filler. A lot of artists, they'll put a couple of filler just to get it to eight...Oh no no no, she went eight for eight and took her time on all eight.” - HavenLeeScents

Here are our favorite fragrance-by-fragrance moments from HavenLeeScent’s review (a two-part video):

Atlante (Dej’s #2 and Braek Haven’s #2)

Dej says, “This is what you wear to go to the beach…I love it, I’d wear it every day.” Dej, she can’t decide between Atlante and Leopard for her #1, but she settles on Leopard.

Leopard (Dej’s #1 and Braek Haven’s #5)

We love it when Braek Haven describes what outfit he’d wear with Leopard when he goes out on the town (and I need to get those pants he’s wearing!): “I’m coming flashy…I might even wear a leopard print with it.” Dej says she’d go for a fitted dress with her hair slicked back into a nice bun.

Lace (Dej’s #3 and Braek Haven’s #3)

“Sarah Baker got some bops!” Awwww, *hand on heart*. Thank you, Dej and Braek Haven!

“Lace is a blind buy. If you want a good blind buy fragrance, Lace is the blind buy.” Shout out to perfumer Sarah McCartney for blending Lace so beautifully. As Braek Haven mentions, the vanilla is not in your face.

Greek Keys (Dej’s #4 and Braek Haven’s #4)

Braek Haven says, “When I had in my bio that I purchase the niche of the niche, this is what I meant…this is a powerhouse.”

Charade (Dej’s #5 and Braek Haven’s #1) [clip for insta 10:41-11:22]

Well, now we need to go to Thailand when the pandemic is over because Braek Haven says it reminds him of the fruits of Thailand. It’s so interesting to hear this perspective. “This was my number one…It smells fruity…when I say sweet, I don’t mean like ‘cavity’ sweet like attracting bees, no this isn’t that.”

Tartan (Dej’s #6 and Braek Haven’s #6)

“Sarah Baker has some bops right now…she has some heavy hitters. I don’t think I’ve smelled a house where I like five or six in a row.” Can you see our smiles from London? Thank you! <3

Jungle Jezebel (Dej’s #8 and Braek Haven’s #7)

“I’m walking around with a pack of Juicy Fruit gum, I drop it in mud, and this mud that I drop it in is 75% mud and 25% civet…it smells like fluoride and bubblegum with a dirty note to it…It grows on you.” We LOVE this description!

Rules of Attraction (Dej’s #7 and Braek Haven’s #8)

Again, we are howling over the brilliance of their vivid descriptions. “It’s an animal that walks on four legs, he has on a leather jacket, he has a vanilla bean Frappuccino in his hands, sitting on his wooden table…he’s musky, he’s eating grapefruit…” We are loving this animal!

Thank you, HavenLeeScents. We are inspired by your creative work, so appreciative of your support, and very happy to connect with you all the way from London.


Ariel from team Sarah Baker


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