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Gorgeous photos and Q&A review of Gold Spot by The Scentiest

sarah baker perfumes 'gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice, photos by: Tom the scentiest

We are delighted by the very thoughtful Q&A review and absolutely stunning photos of Gold Spot by the reviewer and photographer Tom, of The Scentiest.

Tom's instagram account is filled with stunning photos, and he is a great writer, too! So, naturally, when we got chatting with Tom we were happy to let him choose his favourite from our Discovery Sets after he smelled them so that he could create a couple of images. We were so happy that Tom chose Gold Spot. And Sarah was very happy to answer a few questions, too. Tom's questions were considerate and rigorous and the result is an informative and in-depth read.

sarah baker perfumes 'gold spot' by perfumer chris maurice photos by: Tom, The Scentiest

Sarah goes on to say, “For Gold Spot we asked Chris to dip Loudo in gold and he understood the assignment.” Assignment complete then, because if Loudo is a white chocolate and cherry cupcake, Gold Spot is an after dinner treat, like some hedonistic orange chocolate wrapped in the fine, glamorous golden foil of a Fererro Rocher and piled high on a golden tray at some schmoozy Oscars afterparty.

Thanks so much, Tom! We are definitely now followers of your great perfume reviews and beautiful photos.


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