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Fragrantica Covers Our New Collection

sarah baker perfumes fragrantica covers new collection; ‘Symmerty’ by perfumer Chris Maurice 

‘flame & fortune’ by perfumer Sarah Baker 

‘far from the madding crowd’ Miguel Matos 

‘G clef’ by perfumer Sarah Baker 

‘Bascule’ by perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler 

Great to see the launch of our second line S.Baker Collection covered by Fragrantica. A big thank you to Bella van der Weerd for this article that not only covered the release of the S.Baker Collection, but also provided a timely recap of our house's story. So now you're all up to date!

So imagine our surprise when we discovered that we were also featured in Zoran's unique astrological take.

"This week we share our excitement about Sarah Baker Perfumes..."

Thank you, Zoran, and we hope the universe is in concord. Everything does happen for a reason :)

sarah baker perfumes 'charade' by perfumer andreas wilhelm


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