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Elena's 'Three You Should Be Wearing' Çafleurebon

sarah baker perfumes 'far from the madding crowd' by perfumer miguel matos, 'charade' by perfumer ashley eden kessler, 'symmetry' by perfumer chris maurice, elena cvjetkovic editor at cafleurebon, the plum girl

Elena Cvjetkovic is an Editor at Çafleurebon and an award-winning fragrance writer. She is also known to many fragrance enthusiasts for her fragrance review blog The Plum Girl.

She recently published an article for Çafleurebon called ‘Sarah Baker Perfumes: Charade, Far From the Madding Crowd and Symmetry’ in which she recommended these as being three of our fragrances from across both collections that you should be wearing and telling you exactly why she thinks so.

Charade - “Forever elegant, expressive, and never forgotten: this dashing chypre was made for making a statement. Even if no one else is around, impress yourself.”

She included Charade from the extrait collection because she felt that perhaps it had not been sufficiently considered in its own right.

Far From the Madding Crowd - “Much more complicated than it might seem at first sniff, Sarah Baker Perfumes Far From the Madding Crowd is an intricate and emotional journey between light and dark, sense and sensibility, and it’s exciting every step of the way.”

But, one of her main reasons for writing the article was the five new eau de parfum options from our newly launched S.BAKER Collection. And she decided to focus on Far From the Madding Crowd and Symmetry for reasons that she eloquently elaborates in her article.

Symmetry - “The smoothness and depths of oud with some amber is in fine balance with a cat-eyed green cypriol, with the warm-skin musky tones enveloping you closely in the drydown.”

You can read Elena’s full and knowledgeable discussion of each of these fragrances here.

Thank you, Elena, for once again supporting the house with kind words and excellent writing.


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