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Discover Our New Discovery Set

Dynamite comes in small packages, or so the old saying goes. We really wanted our new Eau de Parfum Discovery Set showcasing the S.BAKER Collection to have an explosive impact; to be a special experience for people discovering the five fragrances in this collection. Ultimately, dear customers, you’ll be the judge of whether we got it right. But we can assure you that no effort was spared in our work to make it something special.

As some of you know, our S.BAKER Collection of eau de parfum juices has a colour all of its own, a special green to be exact. What you may not know is that this is a colour that we created especially for the collection.

The starting point for our S.BAKER eau de parfum collection was freshness; fragrances ideal for warmer weather or re-spritzing any time of day. And that’s exactly what each of the four noses contributed to the collection, but each in his or her own way.

To reflect this concept of freshness, we decided on a collection colour to subtly communicate this even before spritzed. Green was a natural direction to go, thinking about spring, nature and the botanical world. But we also wanted it to feel luxurious. The result was the bespoke Enlightenment Green we created for the collection.

The name references pale shades of green that became fashionable during the 17th and 18th centuries when big new ideas played a huge role in influencing interiors, architecture and design in châteaux, houses and palaces all over Europe, perhaps most spectacularly at the Palace of Versailles and Sanssouci in Potsdam.

This very special green is used extensively on the packaging of our new Eau de Parfum Discovery Set.

Another titbit of behind-the-scenes gossip is that we tested numerous variations of light green to arrive at the colour we felt best for the printing on the small bottles in the discovery set. We love the colours of perfume—it seems so do you—so we really wanted to show these off. But we also needed to feel confident that it would work with the new white sprayers and also be easy to read. Did we stick with Enlightenment Green in the end for the print on the bottles? Only one way to find out…

Our new Eau de Parfum Discovery Set is packaged in a compact, elegant box with a sliding matchbox-style sleeve and includes information on each eau de parfum. It's ideal for gifting or when you want more choice while on the go; simply pop it into your purse or washbag.

It contains 5 x 2ml spray-top bottles; all five fragrances in our S.BAKER Collection of unisex eau de parfum fragrances. These are: Bascule, Far From the Madding Crowd, Flame & Fortune, G Clef and Symmetry.

Orders are available for immediate shipping in the UK and the rest of the world and will be shipping domestically within the USA from 21st July 2021.

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