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Colognoisseur Reviews Loudo

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice Colognisseur, Mark Benkhe reviews 'Loudo'

Mark Benkhe is better known under the moniker he uses for his fragrance blog: Colognoisseur. He has gained a loyal following for his fragrance site offering “musings on the world of fragrance”; reviews, articles and interviews from all corners of the olfactory globe.

Mark has recently turned his attention to Loudo, our latest extrait de parfum, launched a few months ago. And we’re relieved to find that he likes it… and not just a little.

“Loudo expands the gourmand genre by taking a cherry cordial out for a walk in a Laotian forest. For those looking for a new type of gourmand you should take a trek with Loudo.”

Please do read his detailed musings on the world of Loudo here.

Thank you, Mark for your insightful and kind words about our newest extrait and our house in general. We are both flattered and appreciative.


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