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Atlante spends a day at the beach with Frag-Mental

sarah baker perfumes 'atlante' by perfumer sarah mccartney, frag-mental, chris wilkinson

Chris Wilkinson, aka Frag-Mental, is one of the UK’s most successful fragrance reviewers with over 47,000 viewers who follow his regular output of videos on Youtube. His video reviews have a very professional finish. That’s hardly a surprise: Chris used to appear as a regular character on the legendary British soap opera Coronation Street before his passion for fragrance lured him into becoming a full-time fragrance reviewer.

Naturally, we were delighted when he turned his attention to our Atlante, whisking us off to a day at the beach. The backdrop of the rugged British coast—on a mercifully sunny day—perfectly evokes the spirit of our oceanic beast of a freshy complete with its salty air and crashing waves.

“It’s unlike anything else I have in my collection. I think to create a unique fresh scent is quite some achievement and the brand has really done that… Nothing else smells like this one, so I will be giving this one a lot of wear. It just perfectly evokes memories of being by the sea, with family; all the good vibes and all the associations I have with that.”

We’re guessing it’s the Yorkshire coast, somewhere like Flamborough Head. But, go on, Chris, put us out of our misery: where is that beautiful beach?

More importantly, we were even more delighted with the praise Chris had for our juice.

Thank you so much for the words of support..

You, dear readers, can see Chris’ full review here.

sarah baker perfumes 'atlante' by perfumer sarah mccartney, frag-mental, chris wilkinson

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