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ATLANTE Beast Mode: Top 10 Powerhouses

sarah baker perfumes 'atlante' by perfumer sarah mccartney top 10 powerhouses Yana Tommelise

Fragrance Queen, Yana Tommelise reviewed her Top 10 powerhouse perfumers and perfumes with a “beastly performance” and we were thrilled to be included!

In these times of social distancing, Yana recommends wearing something that really packs a punch. We can’t hug our friends, so let your fragrance shorten that distance just a bit.

“This is the best time for beast mode perfumes that fill in the room and are noticeable from far away.”
“If you are into very elegant and very powerful scents, then [Sarah Baker] is the line that you’ll want to explore.”

Sarah Baker’s Atlante (created by Sarah McCartney and a finalist for the 2019 Art + Olfaction Awards) is one of Yana’s Top 10 picks for a beast-mode powerhouse fragrance. Yana says, “It’s very fresh but to me it has dark character. You know, not a lot of aquatic perfumes are long-lasting, but all Sarah Baker perfumes are in a beast mode.”

Yana really gets it. What I love about Atlante is its salty oceanic freshness that gently floats over its sexual depth. As Sarah Baker describes it, “fresh and beautiful, but not without an undertow.”

So, go on out there. Wear your mask and make a splash.

We love thinking about how perfumes perform on new levels and can take on new importance during this very strange time of global pandemic. It was fun to be included in her list of powerhouse brands along with Zoologist Perfumes, January Scent Project, Montale, Gallagher Fragrances, Nishane, Gather Perfume, Navitus Parfums, and Al Haramain.

Stay safe and healthy while you find your own beast mode, dear readers.

With all my love,

Ariel from Team Sarah Baker


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