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A Little Loudo Has Leaked

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice

We recently offered those on our VIP mailing list the opportunity to try Loudo, the next in our limited Artist’s Editions of extraits de parfum as a special “sneak preview”.

Needless to say, word has already started to spread on social media, even though we will not be releasing this oud-based juice, a special Artist’s Edition extrait, for a while yet.

Loudo is by nose Chris Maurice and, as the name of the fragrance suggests, oud is one of its key notes. The full name is derived from a play on words for the Latin word most commonly used to mean “play” or “a game”. And, in response to you cunning linguists and strident classicists, yes, we know that its connotations and uses also include “mimic”, “fool (deceive)” or “flirt”. We’re pleading the Fifth…

Certainly, with its notes of organic Laos oud and Indian Suyufi Agarwood, any sleight of hand does not involve its oud credentials.

Above all else, Loudo celebrates the idea that childhood play is where we first learn important mathematical and scientific concepts such as balance, measurement, proportion, chemical potentiation and synergy, among others.

Not least of all, it is also when we learn to embrace the less empirically measurable importance of the subjective, especially during adrenarche, which we believe is another key talent and carefully honed skill that perfumers later deploy.

Early responses from those benefitting from the sneak preview are extremely promising. For example:

“As it dries down the oud note becomes more prominent and its presence is highlighted beautifully by the supporting spices in the back. There's a kaleidoscopic quality about this, whereby the dryness of the oud subsides and you can feel the custardy vanilla more but when you sink your nose into it you catch whiffs of that gorgeous oud melange.
There's a great balance to the scent which I find only a master perfumer can pull off, and in this case Chris Maurice definitely has his fingerprint. far, this is definitely a winner!”

(Vlad VS in the Eau My Soul group on Instagram)

sarah baker perfumes 'loudo' by perfumer chris maurice

We would love to give you more information. But, as one of our limited Artist’s Editions, unfortunately you’re going to have to wait for the final iteration of Loudo because we’re still in the midst of putting all those all-important last-minute small touches in place that are essential to anything we release as an Artist’s Edition.

Keep an eye on our news section or, if you haven’t already, sign up to our VIP mailing list if you want to be the first to hear.


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