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4 S.BAKER EDPs reviewed on Notetaking

T. J. Norris, is the writer and reviewer based in Fort Worth, Texas best known to scent enthusiasts as the voice behind the fragrance review audiozine Notetaking. T. J. has turned his attention to our fragrances a number of times before and we have always been delighted with his reviews of them.

This time it's not T.J.'s mellow tones talking about our juices, but his written words on the blog section of his site; a review of four of our eau de parfum fragrances, from the S.Baker Collection.

"Altogether eccentric, but fully restrained. G-Clef is music to my olfactory senses, shape-shifting, decoding, the utmost fragile, deeply held sub-rosa of unconsciousness." - T. J. on G Clef.

You can read his reviews of Bascule, Far From the Madding Crowd, Flame & Fortune and G Clef here.

Together with his audio review of Symmetry entitled Balancing Delicacies that you can find here, it effectively means that T. J. has now reviewed the entire S.BAKER Collection.

Thank you so much T. J. for your continued interest in and positive responses to our fragrances.

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