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2x2: Entire S.Baker Collection Simultaneously Reviewed on Instagram

sarah baker perfumes 2x2 reviews

We love new things. So we loved this project dreamed up by two reviewers-in-arms responding to our new S.BAKER Collection of five eau de parfums created by four different noses. It was entirely fitting and completely flattering considering the thought and effort that went into it. Check out our fav quotes and follow our @S.Baker_Collection insta page!

Independent fragrance reviewer @lowkeyhighflyer on London together with counterpart @wearescentient of Dublin decided that they were going to publish their independent reviews of the five fragrances in the new collection in a tightly managed timescale on their respective Instagram channels at the same time each day.

The ensuing ping-pong of reviews—“duel” sounds so brutal though, technically, they took their divergent paths from the starting position at the agreed time each day— is a thing of delight, least of all for the gusto with which it was delivered.

Above are the images created by @wearescentient, below are by @lowkeyhighflyer

In addition to the thoughtfully constructed words expressing their views, Helen and Jonathan each gave their published positions a cohesive strong visual concept, something that Insta fans always respect and appreciate. Furthermore, it proves that those united by a love of fragrance have long been able to cope with the logistical challenges of (social) distancing.

You can check out the results on their respective Instagram channels at @lowkeyhighflyer and @wearescentient. And of course if you want to see all the review quotes that we really appreciated, take a look at our own @s.baker_collection


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