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High Praise from Maximilian Must Know

sarah baker perfumes, 'jungle jezebel' by perfumer miguel matos, 'charade' by perfumer andreas wilhelm, 'tartan' by perfumer sarah mccartney, 'atlante' by perfumer sarah mccartney, review by 'Maximilian must know'

I’ll admit it, I was Maxed Out with joy after hearing Maximilian Heusler’s recent review Sarah Baker Perfumes on his YouTube channel, Maximilian Must Know

I was first introduced to Max’s work in the fragrance community through his brilliant collaboration with Sarah McCartney of 4160Tuesdays. Their scent, Maxed Out, was inspired by “the kind of night out in New York that involves cocktails, marijuana cigars, hookers and passing out” (4160Tuesdays). You can read Miguel Matos’ wonderful Fragrantica review of Maxed Out here.

It is a true honour to be highlighted in Maximilian Must Know’s YouTube series, Scent Safari and we are humbled by his praise of our work:

“One of the best brands I’ve tried in a long time… I can’t recommend this brand highly enough. If you haven’t checked it out: what are you doing? Go! Go check it out. Support this type of perfumery. It’s not super bizarre synthetic cutting-edge nonsense, and it's not a natural cry for the environment; it’s a convergence of both and it makes sense. And all the fragrances make sense. There is a theme here and it’s executed.”

Max focused his review on four scents. Here are some moments we especially loved:

Jungle Jezebel by Miguel Matos

“This is the one that everyone is raving about…this is something…If I was a woman, I’d fuck with this hard. This would be signature-scent worthy…It’s a dirty, fun fragrance…It’s a classy, trashy fragrance, if that makes sense. I think Miguel did a great job with this one.”

Charade by Andreas Wilhelm

“Woah! Beautiful leather…like a worn-down leather jacket- the leather is softened up by the florals here. It’s a super wearable, good leather fragrance. This is another great one.”

Tartan by Sarah McCartney

“Just a super wearable, modern woody fragrance…I think if Comme des Garçons made this, it would be a really hyped fragrance.”

Atlante by Sarah McCartney

“I’ve made no secret of my love for weird aquatic fragrances…this is briny aquatic but with just enough Yuzu and minerals and the lily of the valley to make this wearable but it also retains the reality of the ocean. It’s not a joke aquatic. It’s a real sea scent and I think it’s really well done.”

Max concludes: 

“These are just really good. This is one of the best brands I have tried in a long time. This is Zoologist level for me. And you know that Zoologist is probably my favourite Indie brand. I like all of these…I think she’s gonna kill it.”

Wow! Thank you, Max. You made my day. xo Sarah

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