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sarah baker perfumes 'tartan' by perfumer sarah mccartney, 'greek keys' by perfumer ashely eden  kessler, 'rules of attraction' by perfumer miguel matos, 'leopard' by perfumer ashley eden kessler, 'jungle jezebel' by perfumer miguel matos, 'charade' by perfumer andreas wilhelm, 'atlante' by perfumer sarah mccartney, 'lace' by perfumer sarah mccartney

Sarah asked me to recap two YouTube reviews by the relatively new fragrance reviewer on YouTube, Fab Trends by Miya

sarah baker perfumes with fab trends by miya

Sarah and Miya (@fabtrends_miya) met in April at a MrCologne76 meet-up, hosted by Jovoy London fragrance along with friends NoseyCouture and SultanPasha78. Miya is a glamorous perfume collector and reviewer based in the UK. Her Instagram feed is full of fragrances, flowers, gorgeous shoes, and occasional guest appearances by her beautiful family. We all love her vibe.

On Rules of Attraction (by Miguel Matos): 

“I love this fragrance…this is richly sexy, seductive, out there…this is really, really lovely.”  And she goes on to describe the fragrance as a modern classic, and the leather as being “given a cuddle by the vanilla.” What a sweet way to describe it!  She also gives a shout-out to the talented Miguel Matos, saying he’s becoming one of her favorite perfumers.

Mrs P moves on to Charade (by Andreas Wilhelm):

“So loyal…it stayed with me all day long.” And possibly the cutest moment in the entire perfume video reviewer genre is when her adorable child can he heard asking, “Mommy, is this the next video?” Mrs P doesn’t skip a beat, gently answering her child and continuing on. #mommygoals #superhero #howdidshemanagethat?  Mrs P admires Charade for being a “classic” and not for people who like Britney Spears.” (No offense, Britney). 

Finally, Jungle Jezebel (by Miguel Matos):

“This must have broken the internet or something,” she begins as she shows her viewers our limited release Artist Edition bottle of Jungle Jezebel. “The opening is so exciting. It’s nice. It’s sweet!” Though she cautions, this is not something you might want to wear on a first date. 😆😆😆 But she really gets the character of John Waters’ Divine!

Miya's second video features Lace and Tartan 

Lace by Sarah McCartney may be the clear favourite: “I need more coconut fragrances in my life!…the vanilla and the coconut together form a creamy base and it’s so indulgent, it’s so intoxicating. It’s heavenly. It’s divine…I am so in love with this fragrance….Full bottle for me, without a doubt….a joy to wear.”

Miya also enjoyed the comfort offered by Tartan by Sarah McCartney:

“A lovely, cozy, autumnal fragrance…Wearing this fragrance took me to a time where you would be out in the woods, at a cabin, and you’ve got this fire in front of you, you’re lying in a blanket, maybe eating some chestnuts…it’s cozy…it’s warm.”

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xo Ariel from Team Sarah Baker

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