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Gicquel captured Rules of Attraction

sarah baker perfumes 'rules of attraction' by perfumer sarah mccartney photo: gicquel boris aphanou

Sarah recently asked me to take a look at the new photos taken by Gicquel Boris Aphanou – also known as @capturedbygicquel. I’m a fan of his photos – I think they’re really fun. He seems to attempt to give these inanimate objects some kind of feminine and masculine sex appeal. Sometimes the perfume looks like it’s taking a shower or perhaps it’s waiting for a special someone between it’s satin sheets.

I recently came back from holiday so naturally I’m missing watching the sunset along the Venetian horizon. Weirdly, these photos took me right back to the water front, and I saw myself and my boyfriend in the perfume bottle and box photographed. After looking at these photos, I really wished I’d taken a bottle of Rules of Attraction with me on holiday to permeate my memories of watching the sunset. The light and refreshing notes of grapefruit and jasmine paired with the richer and stronger musky and woody notes would have made a perfect match for a trip to Venice.

Rules of Attraction is a fragrance inspired by extravagantly sensual life styles of people such as Marie Antoinette. Gicquel’s sensual interpretation of the sun extracts the feeling of extravagance from these surreal worlds and places it in an attainable environment, which is exactly what Sarah's perfumes attempt to do.

If you are unfamiliar with Gicquel’s work take a look at his website HERE and have a read through the previous blog Sarah wrote about him HERE.

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