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Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews

sarah baker perfumes 'atlante' by perfumer sarah mccartney, top 20 skin scents sebastian jara Smelling great fragrance review

I work for Sarah Baker in her studio in east London and she recently asked me to put my thoughts down on the review of the top 20 skin scents by Sebastian Jara. The fragrance mentioned in this list was Atlante which – in my opinion – is one of Sarah’s more subtle scents. This had me asking, what's a skin scent? Sebastian’s explantation of skin scents was extremely informative. If you’re reading this you are probably already familiar with the concept of a skin sent…. but let me explain it to you regardless. These sorts of fragrances sit closer to the skin, creating the feeling that maybe this person just smells like this naturally, which in my opinion is much sexier than a scent that leaves an aura of odour. Instead of asking what perfume they use, questions such as, ‘what’s in your diet that makes you smell this way’ start to surface. I would have never thought that a subtle smell could impact how you might think of someone.

As an exercise I am sitting here right now smelling Atlante and trying to imagine the person that naturally smelled like this. I can imagine someone who lives in a house by the beach, but this beach is scattered with drift wood and when the tide goes out there is a numerous amount of sand bars to walk along and hunt for shells. The shells decorate the outside of this person's house, maybe, they sit in the flower beds or are collected on the Cedar patio that overlooks the beach. It goes without saying that this person is clean though... or else they definitely wouldn't smell like this.

I was introduced to Sebastian’s work through working for Sarah and think his videos offer interesting insight into how perfumes can be experienced, designed and worn. It’s like a thesaurus for fragrance; you look up a type of perfume and he gives you a list of the perfumes that fall into that category. His videos make me feel like I’m on one big perfume shopping expedition. If you’re anything like me it might help you realise what kind of fragrance suits you best. Highly recommend giving his videos a watch!

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