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On Fragrantica! The Eclectic Microcosm: Sarah Baker Perfumes at ESXENCE-2019

sarah baker perfumes at ESXENCE-2019 fragrantica

Today Frangrantica posted an article about my body of work by writer John Biebel. The article delves deep into each perfume and really encapsulates everything I am trying to do with my work. I feel truly blessed that Biebel has taken the time to write such a great piece. It is clear that Biebel has taken much care and consideration for each fragrance, but also for the brand as a whole. He really combines my concerns as an artist and as a perfume brand - so eloquently.

'Her extension into perfume seems completely natural: It's narrative, episodic, full of glamour and even intrigue. Whereas some other houses' perfumes are full of contemplation and niche-ness, Sarah Baker perfumes can be guilty pleasures like reading a torrid romance novel.'

John couldn’t have been more on the nose in his interpretations of my perfumes as characters. It was as if he had somehow got into my head. He seems to understand where the ideas stem from; romance novels by Jackie Collins, soap operas such as Dynasty and so on…

'What compels most about Sarah’s collection is that there is a sense of the unexpected. Much the way our mind can race through so many people, times and places, so can the wide map of perfume. From the Scottish Highlands to a film-based romantic triangle, to a narrative of spies and intrigue, Sarah Baker covers an enormous 3D map of impressions. But what’s particularly fun about the approach is that she does this in a somewhat stream-of-consciousness manner, like an epic poem that invites us along to utterly different smelling-settings along the way. You can pick up the work at any point in the narrative, and not feel that you’ve left out any important part.'

The article shows the perfumes as a portal through which you can access a dream like world. I couldn’t have explained it better myself and his take has even given me a deeper understanding of my work.

'She has indeed established a talented cast of players that act in this soap opera of which she is the director - and her creativity flows unbounded in this environment. So perhaps what appears to be an eclectic mix of influences is actually a well-honed grouping of visions carefully curated as a slice of life for our contemplation.'

Just as John is discovering the world of Sarah Baker I am discovering his as well. John is a painter, writer, software designer and has an independent perfume company called January Scent Project. I fell in love with his sample set, especially Eiderantler which is such a delight. It's a very easy yet sophisticated fougere, where the lavender plays off the green notes like being on a picnic on a hot summer day with a light summer breeze.

I highly recommend you check out his website HERE and read his article on Sarah Baker Perfumes HERE

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