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Sarah Baker's Perfumes in Taiwan

sarah baker perfumes in Taiwan with Chris Notre

I am delighted to say that after a few months since my trip to Taiwan visiting @chrisnotre and some of his enthusiastic followers, that the perfume orders are finally in the hands of some of the lovely people I met over there.

I was very lucky to experience the Chinese New Year in Taiwan this year, and it was so great to also have the opportunity to introduce my perfume collection to a small group of perfume enthusiasts. It was interesting to find out that niche perfumes are hard to come by in Taiwan, and I was excited to be providing a somewhat new experience for a great group of people. Seeing people experience new compositions was a rewarding experience and got me thinking about what niche perfumers are doing that separates us from the big brands. I am now inspired to share fragrances by other houses with them on my next visit.

sarah baker perfumes in Taiwan with Chris Notre

Chris Notre is a perfume reviewer from Taiwan. We met each other through the Facebook page of Victor Wong of @zoologistperfumes. Chris was a very accommodating host, going above and beyond by arranging the cute Mo cafe in Taipei as a venue for me to chat with his fans and making print outs about my perfumes with translations. I was particularly impressed with the extent of his engagement with the community he has cultivated. He is passionate about sharing new work and experiences along side his fans.

sarah baker perfumes in Taiwan with Chris Notre

There are still a few bottles of perfumes to deliver to Taiwan, as I took preorders for Atlante and Charade, soon to be available at

Thank you Chris, for all of the hard work you do to expose unique perfumes to your friends in Taiwan. I can't wait to see you all again next time! :)

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