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#ShareMyStash: Scented Letter Feature

When Suzy Nightingale and Carson Fairley from The Scented Letter—a magazine by The Perfume Society—came by my studio, I had a really fun time sharing my perfume collection. While taking them through my stash and smelling as much as possible, I chose my top 10 favourite scents—3 of which are my own projects, of course! Honestly, it was a great opportunity to talk about other perfumes brands for a change. I found Suzy and Carson’s visit to be a very personal experience because the scents I chose are very special to me and many of them have been created by my friends.

Below is a close up of the featured perfumes. You can also read the article here.

sarah baker perfumes, 'leopard' by perfumer ashley eden kessler, the perfume society, scented letter feature

In the spirit of talking about other perfume maker’s work, today’s Scent Of the Day is 4160Tuesdays’ Freeway. I was fortunate to be able to spend the afternoon on the other side of London at the 4160Tuesdays HQ, and I found the chance to douse myself in Freeway. I was inspired to try it because Freeway also was featured in this month’s Scented Letter. Freeway is a futuristic interpretation of Los Angeles—once all of the weeds and plants have cracked through the pavement and cement and are tearing the roads down. I imagine a happy post-apocalyptic version of the city, where we get around on solar-powered hover skates and they're still serving up vanilla malt milkshakes at the Diner.

sarah baker perfumes, 'leopard' by perfumer ashley eden kessler, the perfume society, scented letter feature

The title of this month’s scented letter is called, “Fashion, Fragrance, and Feminism,” and I am very proud to be featured in this excellent edition packed with greatness. Another article in the issue is called “Frills & Spills” about fragrancing lingerie, also written by Suzy Nightingale. I am very happy that Lace is pictured because it's a sensual fragrance that reminds me of lacy lingerie scattered over a hotel room floor the morning after.

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