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Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews

On a recent visit to San Francisco I had the opportunity to meet perfume connoisseur, Sebastian Jara. I’ve been following Sebastian’s YouTube channel, Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews for a long time, so I was really excited. Sebastian has been writing fragrance reviews since 2004!

We had a really nice meeting in downtown San Francisco during which we spoke for a couple of hours and smelled all the fragrances in my current line: Lace, Leopard, Greek Keys and Tartan. I think he appreciated hearing me describe the mood of my fragrances—so he requested to interview me on-camera that very afternoon.

We went for a walk in the Yerba Buena gardens—just across the street from SFMOMA. We found a really great spot to film and we were all ready to go. But as soon as Sebastian started filming, I went completely blank! After trying a couple of times, he was gently counseled, “I think you need to practice!” He very graciously offered to meet me the following week. I was simultaneously relieved and mortified! I had JUST spent the afternoon effortlessly talking about my perfumes off camera, so I know it wasn't because I felt uncomfortable around Sebastian. On the contrary—I really liked him and felt so excited to have a new fragrance friend. Plus, I’ve talked about my perfumes a lot; it’s my favorite subject! I’m the girl at the party who’s like, “Enough about me. Have you smelled my perfumes?”

It clearly boiled down to the camera. I’ve had stage fright before—especially ON STAGE! I guess this was the first time I ever spoke about my perfumes on camera and my own nervousness really caught me off guard. If you watch the video above—I know I still seem a little unsteady—but trust me when I tell you this take was fantastic compared to the previous filming. Sebastian said it was going to work, which was reassuring because I knew he would be honest with me, as he was the first time.

I am so grateful to Sebastian for taking the time to film a second time. And they say you don’t get second chances!

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