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Lace Unboxing by @MrCologne76

Are you following @MrCologne76 on Instagram? He delivers perfume-related content regularly—such as unboxing videos, live interviews, and giveaways. His Scent Provoking Sundays posts include interesting discussions with his followers. I really love this post where he opens a box of my frangrance, Lace. And this is what he had to say:

🤔What’s your most sensual fragrance?


Lace from @houseofsarahbaker definitely got me feeling some type of way. It’s no wonder this one stood out amongst the perfumes from the house. I mean really, what's not to like with this composition♥️? Musk, coconut, hedione, ambroxan, vanilla, calone, jasmine, cedar. Lace starts off with a heady jasmine opening with slight fruity nuances . Don't worry floral haters, Lace doesn't dwell in ”floral-land” forever; instead it morphs into a sensual potion of musk, coconut and vanilla. Though #idontseegenderinfragrances I admit this one is a little bit on the feminine side.


With the name Lace, it's scent profile is fitting. It's sheer sexiness in a bottle.

I really enjoyed working with @mrcologne76, we did a live interview and a giveaway. He's a pillar in the #fragcomm (fragrance community) and I think what he's doing is very interesting. Soon I'll be sharing an interview that I did with him...

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