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Interview with Tommelise at Pitti

I visited Pitti Fragranze in Florence this year and I met up with perfume reviewer, Yana aka Tommelise. Tommelise means Thumbelina, which is the title of the story written by Hans Christian Andersen about a girl born out of a flower who grows no bigger than a few inches. Yana may be small in size but her personality is larger than life. I really enjoy her YouTube videos and her Instagram #SOTD (scent of the day) videos. Be sure to subscribe and follow!

I had a wonderful time at Pitti smelling fragrances and meeting friends. One evening Yana and I had a very in-depth perfume smelling session with my own mods. I was able to share with Yana a few new fragrances that I’ve been working on—one of which I made myself—and another one that coincidentally happens to be inspired by a very famous Hans Christian Andersen tale. Stay tuned on my blog for updates on this!

In our above interview, I do a great deal of talking about the four current fragrances in my collection, how it all began, and what I’ve got coming next. I felt very comfortable chatting with Yana, and I give Yana full credit for making me feel so relaxed. Is the gift-of-gab contagious?

Also, Yana mentioned in the interview that she has done a full YouTube review on Leopard, so I have posted it down below as well. And since then, she's also done a YouTube review on Lace, also posted below. Happy watching!

Leopard, by Tommelise:

Lace for Libra, by Tommelise

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