• Sarah Baker

Perfumes: The Guide 2018

Greek Keys (Sarah Baker) ★ ★ dry citrus

Sarah Baker is a visual artist who started a niche perfumery line, apparently composed by professional perfumers. She has four fragrances out there, all competently put together, all speaking in a marked niche accent, none saying anything particularly riveting. This said, I noticed that when I had the four strips on my desk, the room smelled great, and it seems that these would make good room fragrances. GK is a citrus with a faint echo of sixties Italian perfumery up top (Pino Silvestre) and a conventional structure thereafter. LT

Lace (Sarah Baker) ★ ★ woody herbaceous

Lace was apparently composed by Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays and is in her familiar, boisterous manner, a carefree, loud, and pleasant-smelling blast that reminds me of Quentin Blake’s children’s story “All Join In,” in which a resigned mother stands among a cacophony of kids enjoying themselves making a racket. LT

Tartan (Sarah Baker) ★ ★ dry woody

The least interesting of the Sarah Baker fragrances, seems to go nowhere slowly. LT

Leopard (Sarah Baker) ★ ★ floral herbaceous

Also composed by Sarah McCartney*, this is a big hippie floral, basically a loud but not unpleasant noise. LT

*Correction: Leopard was composed by Ashley Eden Kessler.