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Table Read at The Experimental Scent Summit V.2

Here's a clip from a recent table read of my soap opera script art piece, Rocco Rosso Riche (2013). When I was invited by the Institute for Art and Olfaction to participate in the Experimental Scent Summit V.2 at the Swedenborg Society in London last month, I thought it might be fun to dust off this script and revisit a pivotal scene involving murder and perfume. I brought in a crew of amazing actors and we read from the script for about 20 minutes. In the above clip we find Luccia smelling Tino's new perfume—a perfume that describes the events of Rocco's murder through the medium of fragrance. Everyone in the audience received a scent card to open at the very moment in the script where the Deadly Scent was revealed to Luccia.

Thank you to those who took photos and posted them online! And a very special thank you to The Institute for Art & Olfaction for taking really great photos, for encouraging me to produce this read, and for your ongoing awesome-ness! :)

READERS: Brolo Zander, Advertising Executive: ORLANDO SEALE Luccia Rosso, CEO of Impirio Rosso: JESS-LUISA FLYNN Rocco Rosso, ghost, former CEO of Impirio Rosso: DYLAN CORBIT-BADER Electra Rosso, good twin: SARAH BAKER Dr. Negroni, self-help guru: ORLANDO SEALE Tino, perfumer: JAMIE HUXLEY Vita Rosso, evil twin: SARAH BAKER Tanya Bell, psychic: SARAH BAKER Cop: JAMIE HUXLEY

Rocco Rosso Riche was devised at The National Theatre Studio in London in 2013.

The Silent Killer: New Deadly Scent by Impirio Rosso was created by The Institute for Art and Olfaction in 2013.

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