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  • Sarah Baker

The Modern Times

I am super excited to share with you my very first Sarah Baker Perfumes print feature, and it is a stunner! Sarah Baker Perfumes Lace and Leopard were featured in The Modern Times December issue (No. 12) in the story, "Perfume Rocks Me Ultra Softly." The Modern Times is directed by Michaela Mahringer in Austria. Her very talented daughter, Nina Mahringer, photographed this bottle of Lace.

It’s an honor to be included in a line-up of some of my favorite perfume brands: Tauer, Jul et Mad, Juliette Has a Gun, Amouage, Chanel, Dusita... But it is an incredibly special honor to be right next to Frederic Malle, Lipstick Rose. Not only is Lipstick Rose a bombastic fragrance, it is also the subject for an upcoming editorial I created (watch this space). Michaela, how did you know?

Here is a nice close-up of that image. I didn't want you to miss it.

The Modern Times is absolutely beautiful with a slick design on an oversized stock (about A3/legal). The stories are very well considered with discussions of architecture, nature, photography, design, perfume... and art! I cannot fail to mention that I love the cover. It features one of my fav artist/photog's, Pierre et Gilles, and this gorgeous photo of showgirl Lolly Wish (insta: @goldwish).

Lolly Wish, aka @goldwish, aka wish-upon-a-star: I wish that was me looking like a goddess, photog'd by Pierre et Gille, on the cover of The Modern Times.

Thank you, Michaela!

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