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AIX at the Hammer Museum

sarah baker perfumes, AIX at the Hammer Museum

We had a blast at the Artisan Independent Experimental Scent Fair (AIX) at the Hammer Museum in LA!

Sarah Baker Perfumes was one of over forty niche perfume brands exhibiting at the Hammer Museum, co-presented by the Institute for Art and Olfaction (IAO) and Luckyscent/Scent Bar. The fair truly offered all things conceptual and unexpected. It was a fabulous event and great way to preview Sarah’s first two scents, Leopard and Greek Keys, both created by IAO's resident perfumer, Ashley Eden Kessler.

Sarah and Ashley began developing the fragrances in 2014. Much like her art practice, Sarah’s creative work always begins with a mood board of inspirational images. The collaborative scent process went like this: Sarah would send Ashley a round of images, and Ashley would apply her expertise and respond with a round of mods (perfume speak for versions or modifications) evocative of the collection of images. The two would persist until the scents were perfected—resulting in bold and classic interpretations of Leopard and Greek Keys with a contemporary polish. My impression is that Leopard is a lipstick and shoulder pads perfume, and Greek Keys is a bare-skin and bikini fragrance.

The Sarah Baker Perfumes packaging was a limited edition, comprised of handmade poplar wood bottle displays, each one hand-stamped with each scent motif. Sarah produced each individual package herself in her London studio. The tassels were made by one of the last bespoke tassels makers in the UK, Jessica Light, and the boxes were made by box makers for the Royal Family.

Care to go for a yacht ride in the Grecian Islands? Well, perhaps Sarah Baker’s Speedo-clad attendant will take you there. As you can see, actor Robert Diniz looked like a Greek god in his Mediterranean blue man-kini and gold medallion. I know I was swept away watching Diniz offer visitors scent strips of Greek Keys. Does anyone have a fan I can borrow?

AIX was a major inspiration and it was thrilling to meet a growing community of scent-based creatives.


Team Sarah Baker Perfumes

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