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EU orders

Orders dispatched from outside the EU to EU states are subject to various taxes, administrative charges and/or duties. Since 1 January 2021, this includes goods sent from the UK.

  • If you are receiving orders in the EU you will have to pay:

    • VAT (also called BTW; TVA; IVA etc.) at the rate set by the EU state where the order is delivered

    • An administrative charge (by the shipper and local agency, not us)

  • In most EU states, after the order is dispatched, you will receive an email from the shipper with details of what you need to pay and how to pay it, usually with a link to an online payment platform.

  • We are not authorised to calculate these taxes or administrative/handling charges payable in EU countries. These are calculated by the shipper, working with an agency authorised to take payment in a particular EU state. Thus, we are only able to answer questions about VAT and/or administrative charges to EU customers in very general terms.

  • Please check our shipping page for important information on shipping to the EU before ordering.

  • We advise that you check with an official information source in your country for guidance before ordering since we cannot be responsible for costs incurred once your order has been processed. If you require more detailed information, please see our full Terms & Conditions.

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